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My WoW doesn't start anymore


New Member
Nov 1, 2020
I have download Run & Play from this page https://www.apollo-wow.com/how-to-connect/
I have set realmlist correctly and i played until 10 minuts ago. I installed some addons.

I play on Apollo 2, my character name is Warbike (level 80)

I just get this error once i start game: "wow cannot stream required archive data. please check the network connection".
I already deleted cache and WTF, i named those as "CacheOld and WTFOld"
I tried to downlaod again the launcher but it doesn't even start anymore!!!
My internet connection is working fine, i can connect to apollo web site correctly too...
I tried to removed addons too but it didn't solve the issue(npc scan and npc scan.overlay + cooldown addon).
I tried to replace WoW.mfil with the one on "how to connect" web site page of apollo.

How can i solve this problem? I hope you will reply as soon as possible.
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