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Warlock Nature and Shadow resistance gear


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Oct 26, 2014
Had to make a seperate thread for resistance gear since my Warlock PVE Guide reached character limit.

Nature resistance gear

The entire raid is required to stack nature resistance for certain bosses in AQ40. If I'm not mistaken casters are supposed to get around 200 nature resistance buffed.

Head: Sylvan Crown (Tailoring) (+10 Nature resistance enchant from ZG)

: Sylvan Shoulders (Tailoring) (+5 Nature resistance enchant from Argent dawn)

: Gaea's Embrace (Tailoring) (+15 Nature resistance enchant)

: Sylvan Vest (Tailoring)
alternative: Nemesis Robes

: Chloromesh Girdle (Maraudon, Razorlash)

: Cenarion Reservist's Pants (Quest) (+10 Nature resistance enchant from ZG)

: Fangdrip Runners (Strat Baron, Nerub'enkan)
Alternative: Vinerot Sandals (Maraudon, Razorlash)

Ring 1: Random green ring with 15-18 Nature resistance
Ring 2: Band of Cenarius (Quest)

2H Weapon: Glowing Brightwood staff (if you are desperate)

Trinket: 2 x Heart of Noxxion (Maraudon, Noxxion)

Wand: Noxious Shooter (Maraudon, Noxxion)

Shadow resistance gear
As a warlock you are the only DPS class that gets to tank something in a 40 man raid, except from people pulling aggro but they tend to die quickly. I'm talking about the twin emperors in AQ40. You may be far away from that, but it doesn't hurt to pick up items with this encounter in mind. Undeads have an edge here since they have 10 extra shadow resistance passively.

Besides gear you get Shadow Resistance from Priest and Druid buff, as well as the warlock demon armor buff. You also get shadow resistance from potions like Gift of Arthas and Magic Resistance potion. You can choose Flask of Titans for extra health or Supreme Power to genereate more threat. For generating threat you just spam Searing Pain and throw in some Shadowburn and Death Coil if you loose aggro.

If all this doesn't give you enough Shadow Resistance you can respec demonology where you get 60 shadow resistance from your Felhunter pet. When naxx is released you can also get a +10 shadow resistance enchant on legs and head from the argent dawn. It is advised to reach the resistance cap of 315 with buffs. If you have more than 315 you can play around with gear to maximize your health, that's why I list alternatives.

Head: Nemesis Skullcap (+10 SR enchant)

Neck: Neck from AQ quest chain

: Felheart Shoulderpads (+5 SR enchant from argent dawn)

: Some blue cloak

: Nemesis Gloves

: Runed Stygian Belt
alternative: Nemesis Belt

: Runed Stygian Leggings (+10 SR enchant)

: Runed Stygian Boots
alternative: Felheart Slippers

Ring 1: Random green ring with 15-18 Shadow resistance
Ring 2: Ukko's Ring of Darkness
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Jan 7, 2015
New Hampshire
Don't see this mentioned in your Shadow resist set, this beast from AQ40 trash: Garb of Royal Ascension

It's an amazing item that doesn't sacrifice stats for resistance. If you're not a tailor, it's a big upgrade to the Bloodvine Vest, so it could be part of your gear instead of situational once AQ is out.
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