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[Naxx] Naxxramas Naxxramas release raid video - Vanguard

Dec 25, 2014
Here is the video of the full Naxxramas release-night progression raid, with voice chat and all. Warning, it gets chaotic at times! Kel'Thuzad video is from Wednesday after the raid reset, once the mind-control bug got fixed.

For those who don't care about trash mobs, there are timestamps for boss fights in the description.

The split on thadius was beautiful :)


Jan 7, 2015
New Hampshire
ignore me w/ v. late reply Fantastic vid. I love watching trash encounters in addition to the boss ones (for Naxx anyway since the trash is actually interesting and challenging), and it's v. rare to see any guild post footage outside of successful boss encounters. Also really have to compliment Erminn's footage especially. idk how he got his client to appear so graphically modern but it looks fantastic (my settings are maxed out and the game looks nowhere near comparable).
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