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Need help starting up


New Member
Mar 23, 2019
First time Kronos player, long time WoW player.

I'm having issues actually playing the game. I downloaded the client (Mac). Opened up my classic wow folder, changed my real list via Notes, opened Classic WoW and went to login. Keep getting a "Disconnected" message after typing in my password and hitting Enter World. I've read some posts about the same issue. I've tried all realmlists (i.e. North, East, South). I've cleared my WDM folder. I'm lost at what to do.

Please help.


New Member
Aug 23, 2014
delete WTF & WDB folders, when logging in they should recreate themselves, another thing that at times can cause what you experience is if you have 2 addons which conflict for example having 2 addons with identical coding, like NECB and its predecessor or two addons which change the same thing but into two different results.

So try removing ur addons and add them one by one after you can login :)

Hope this solves ur problem ^^
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