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New: AuroraCouncil - Loot Overview and Distribution Addon


New Member
Mar 29, 2018

I'd like to introduce AuroraCouncil: It is a plugin to ease the Job of the Loot Master / Council to decide who to distribute loot to.
If your guild/raid is using any form of points/council loot system AuroraCouncil might be for you.

- Fully customizable loot options (like: Need/Greed/Pass ... or BiS/Need/Offspec/Pass).
- Overview about who needs an item and why.
- Info about the currently equipped gear in the relevant slot.
- Loot distribution integrated, no need to use the default blizzard loot master selection.
- More stuff in the future!

The current version is "0.3" - this will be the last version before the offical "1.0" - Some Quality of Life stuff is still missing (And there's probably someone who will find a new bug that needs fixing ;)).

Download & Details here: https://github.com/Mithnar/AuroraCouncil

Feedback and Contributions are welcome!


New Member
Dec 28, 2015
I've been working on something like this, so here are some ideas/comments/issues: - Reading the code, it seems that you check version at regular intervals. Wouldn't it be better if you did this on demand, via a button or a slash command? - What happens when the master looter opens an Eternium Lockbox, Red Sack of Gems, goes fishing, disenchants something etc? (So far, I only have the solution for fishing, but that's the least of these issues) - Is there a way to reset the window without ReloadUI()? - It seems that all items need to be distributed before new loot can be done. This is a problem because there are some items like tier set tokens that you leave on the corpse when no one needs them. - There seems to be an issue with items at the end of the list not being deleted as the items on the top are distributed, resulting in duplicate items at the end of the list. You can solve the lockbox thing with an extra button that's enabled when the loot frame is visible and then manually call the function that starts the whole thing. But if anyone knows a way to check whether loot is a lockbox, a mining/herb node etc or the real thing, that'd be just great. By the way, checking the list of candidates via GetMasterLootCandidate() does not work because this function's values persist.
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