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    TwinStar team

New player

Jun 24, 2019
Hello folks,

New player wanting to try WoW for the very first time.

Which server should I play in, Kronos I or III?

What are the differences?

Is there low lvl population or is it by this time stagnant as all other MMO and only high end locations are populated?

Thank you in advance for the great advice you´re sure to give!

Note: New to WoW, not to MMORPG, specially not new to WoW clones.


Head Kronos GameMaster & Lead Tester
Jul 15, 2018

First of all, welcome to project Kronos. The difference between the two realms is that Kronos III has a much higher population. The population is also rising due to the release date of Classic wow, many players are currently leveling in the early, mid & high level zones so you shouldn't have any issues finding a group for a quest or a dungeon. The PvP scene (battlegrounds) is active in the lower & higher levels. Naxxramas, the final raid content in vanilla is available on both realms. Kronos III has roughly 30 raiding guilds that has at least killed one boss in Naxxramas while Kronos I has roughly 2 - 3 raiding guilds.

We are planning on merging the two realms into one. Unfortunately, I can not go over the details of when this merger is going to happen. We are also working on the Burning Crusade, the first expansion for World of Warcraft. We do not have a release date for the Burning Crusade expansion. Project Kronos has a high standard when it comes to the server quality, making sure that we have a polished expansion that can live up to the reputation before releasing it to the public. Project Kronos is not going to shut down due to the release of classic wow.

I hope I have managed to answer all of your questions, if you have any further question then feel free to post it here.

Regards, Flash.
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