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Alliance New Warr LF non-gay guild free of nazis

Feb 26, 2016
Hello, I am Neofram the Warrior, formerly Geofram the Tankadin. I’m currently looking for a home on K3, and thought I had found it a couple of times, but the first time, that home was filled with neo Nazis (a fact that I missed due to being nearly legally blind), and the guild I found next talked about the LGBTQ community in their info tab, and having just fled a guild of neo nazis the day prior, I did not want to be associated with something like that and, perhaps in overreaction, /gquit. All I want is an online home that doesn’t have anything to do with rl politics of any kind. Please be free of pervasive rl political associations; I come to Azeroth to get away from them.

In any event, I am looking for either a leveling guild, or a guild of lowbies with aspirations to one day raid. I am currently specced Arms, but hope to raid as a tank: I am currently level 20, and still learning how to be a proper Warrior. As I was a successful PuG raid Tankadin back on Nost, I imagine this will be easy by comparison. I plan to use any consumables I need once 60, and am an Herb/Alch to help facilitate that. Being that this will be the first Warrior I level past 27, I will avail myself of any reputable guides I can. I have quite a bit of free time to devote to video games, so I expect to reach 60 in 5 or so weeks, though I will need a bit more time to acheive preraid readiness.

If you would like to give me a shot, my in game name is Neofram. Thanks for reading, and I hope to hear from you soon!
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