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Other Ninja alert (K1 Horde)


New Member
Jun 16, 2016

Troll mage "Ryank" loses a roll to another mage on emberseer ring of the eagle and gets so mad about it he decides to ninja the mainhand from Rend and then leave, all while failing to out dps the tank. I certainly learned my lesson about ALWAYS using master looter, even in baby-tier content like UBRS. This is merely a public service announcement. Thanks for reading.


Sep 1, 2015
Vancouver Island, Canada
Apparently to server rules it's not ninja'ing when loot is greed/need, only if the leader decides to put it on ml and ninja an item without obviously reserving said item.

That being said, I wish your screen shot showed more chat logs, but thanks for putting his name out.

I do a lot of leading myself, even did 4 month of doing upto six ubrs runs a day grinding the flask recipe and I'll tell you not it gets very annoying doing ML while marking targets and babysitting some of the newbs. I only ML for a few bosses where some players might miss out on loot due to tactics, like a dead Hunter in beast room cause Drakk resisted his FD.
May 7, 2016
He has been kicked out of <The Forsaken>. We have been lately receiving complaints about him being a jerk. We are a friendly and mature guild looking to have fun while following age old edicates. Sorry for your loss.
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