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Engineering Novice Engineer Facing the Decision between Goblin or Gnomish Engineering


Aug 24, 2015
Hello everyone,

I play a Human Warlock and now am leveling Engineering. I have the option to choose Goblin or Gnome Engineering...

What EXACT schematics are there specifically for Goblin and Gnome Engineering? I hear Goblin Engineering comes to be great for PvP. I am focused more towards PvP, but the Gnomish Death Ray seems to only fit for Gnome Engineering?

Can some Engineering expert clarify what special schematics are for which class of engineering? What are the benefits of both? What are the flaws of both? I hear both can create teleportation devices to both Gadgzetan or Everlook. I just want clear clarification before I make this grand decision.

*Is Goblin Jumper Cables only for Goblin Engineering?

*Is Gnomish Death Ray only for Gnome Engineering?

*Are the Shadow / Frost / Fire Reflectors only for Goblin or Gnome Engineering?

*Is the Goblin Rocket Boots only for Goblin Engineering?

What about that helm that stuns someone for 30 seconds, is that for only Gnome or Goblin Engineering?

Overall, I am focused more on PvP for my Engineering.

Thank you, and I am hoping for productive feedback.
the only reason to go goblin is to be able to re-create goblin rocket boots when they break, and to create goblin sapper charges. neither of those are bop so if u have a goblin engineer friend who u can bother for it, theres nothing left.
Im with the smae problem as well im a level 12 warlock grome and i was going to make a thread about it. anyway thank u for the info.
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