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Other Onyxia Loot Issue - 19 days Ago & Counting


New Member
Apr 30, 2016

We have had a ticket in for almost 3 weeks now with no resolution. It has been escalated through multiple GM's via the in game ticketing system and nothing continues to happen. On August 11th, we killed Onyxia and had the server crash several seconds later (we even looted the 18 slot bag out). After logging back in, Onyxia was gone with all our loot. I understand that you are busy with AQ40 release and the recent K2 BWL release, but 3 weeks to correct a simple issue like this? Don't get me wrong, I am grateful for all the crew of K2, I just don't know where else to turn to. You really need to have more than a single point of contact/failure on the server that handles loot restorations. So, here is the information again from the raid on Thursday, August 11th. Again, not receiving some of the loot (Deathbringer for threat, Head of Onyxia for buff, and the scales for the cloaks crafted) has held back some of our progression.

Lootmaster’s name: Malarr
Guilds name (if not a pug and/or who raid ID belongs to): Toxic - Raid ID 380
Raid and Boss: Onyxia's Lair & Onyxia
Player’s name who received the item in error: N/A
Player who the item was intended for: See below

Bbqbrisket - Helmet of Ten Storms
Gortash - Deathbringer
Timster - Bloodfang Hood
Timster - Head of Onyxia
Pronator - Scale of Onyxia x 2-4

Item name: Helmet of Ten Storms, Deathbringer, Bloodfang Hood, Head of Onyxia, Scale of Onyxia
Date of kill: 8/11/16 (2016/08/12 06:24:51 Website/Server Time)
Boss link kill:
Twinstar Link: https://vanilla-twinhead.twinstar.cz/?boss-kill=386840
Realmplayers Link: http://realmplayers.com/RaidStats/FightOverview.aspx?Raid=45562&Fight=0

I do hope this gets resolved in a timely manner now. Please contact me in game or PM me if you have any questions.

Protater -- GM of <Toxic>
Protection Warrior -- Alchemy/Engineering
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