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Outdoor PvP and its specifies.


New Member
Nov 15, 2021
In areas such as Tol Barad You simply must be prepared for strike specialy from cover of rogunas and ferals even balances so try to put Your chances higher and dont be lasy and do (buy) buffing food and potions flasks or elixires. Remeber always keep Your buffs on You. restore Your HP after fight. Best think what really helps is to not go to fear if You are striked.. stealthed enemy ussualy after they stun You put burst macros so try to avoid their dps and choose escape option. Without insignia You have less chances. Some rogunas have their combos how to keep You on control untiill You have a bit of HP. If You are Plated melee You simply set macro for deffense such as bubble for paladin with have to put wiings and trinket for burst and dmg rogune ferals in that. Drink potions! Alchemy aint like blacksmithing.. not only top level potions are usable, for example good pvp potion isi (liviing action potion) it works like insignia +3 sec. imunne on imparring effects (not be usable when You are in stun) but it left Your slowiing and control crowd issue behid You. But You have to choose if You wiill not soon need healing potion for that iI reccomended (mysterious potion) its maybye randomize how it heals You from 1 to 50k but ussualy its high ammout of heal. Every potion makes it self cd on next potion to be avaiilable so choose it wisely.
Keep be turned from front to enemy because only then You are able to parry dodge. Ferals and rogunes have special abillities to harm You more from behind.
Suprice enemy! Show him (her) that You are prepared and dont let him have easy kill. Use all You got. Dont look on cds. Do something unusual to distract his concentration. They have their routine if You breake em You have half way to beat em.
Use enviroment. Jump to the water drink potiion on higher speed in water or for walking on water (but it is unstable) lure em to higher spot and if You haveslow fall or engeneering parashute simply jump down if You have this advantage always look on spots like em near You. That same if You are depend on water advantage such as DK or druids seawolf.
Time to time look aroun You and look for suspiciios behaviior such as enemy dissmounted and went to stealth.. its alarming situation and shure be prepared for attack. Remeber they always goes from behind. So use spells witch can discover inthruder. Also is potion for discover beter stealthed enemies..
Every class have itself spells and abillities with handle chances in equal mesure relative. Just look at em and find the way how to stay secure in hostile territory.

Remeber fear is Your biggest enemy dazed You and You act irrationaly. Keyword is ~˛´BE PREPARED~˛´
Who is afraid from woods should not go to forest...
Its kinda hard when a rogue with legendaries opens on me and kills me instantly. But yeah pvp is kinda fun on this server.
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