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Blacksmithing Plans: Dark Iron Shoulders


Nov 27, 2014
Does this even exist here on Kronos? It is supposed to spawn in BRD in a container. You go the ramp up after the Shadowforge Lock. It is on the left side in the corner of the room you enter once you got up that ramp. I looked it up and there are 5 of those containers (Blacksmithing Plans) in the instance. What is the chance for a container to appear? I just assumed that with each reset there is only one container spawning. So the chance that I see this particular one would be 20%. Plans: Dark Iron Shoulders are supposed to be contained in this container only. But after many resets I did not even see that container appear just once. Is this one even working here? Would be good to know before I invest more time into farming it.

Edit: I just found out that the info I had was for a newer patch. Is this information still valid? If not, does anybody of you know where I can find the right container for it?
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