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Playing Kronos on Dial up...

Sep 13, 2014
I am being forced to move to a rural area in california (USA) where Cable and even DSL internet is not available. Do I have any hope of being able to play on kronos with a 56k connection? From what I've read, vanilla wow was doable with dial up due to much lower bandwidth requirements back then. But will the servers location further the inevitable latency issues?

I'm not expecting to be able to heal 40 mans or anything, but do you think I could solo pve with less than 600ms? Or maybe even dps 10 mans? Would dpsing 40 mans be completely out of the question?

Where I am moving I can not even get a 3g signal, so nothing like a jetpack or anything is available to me, only dial up and satellite. :sad:


Sep 14, 2014
For a short span of time in Pre Burning Crusade retail, I played WoW on Dial up out of North Cal on the edge of Redding, and it was brutal. Yeah, I could play the game, do open world questing, 5 man instances, but that was it. Moving a character in a capital city with 50+ people around would disconnect me fairly often. I had to make a point of only hitting up the bank in off hours for the server. All of this was done connecting to a retail server hosted in the US.

So I think if it works at all, you'll have a hell of a bad time in any situation where numerous players are around and being rendered on your screen. It's the packet exchange demand spikes in those spots that Dial Up just chokes on.

Everquest and Dark Age of Camelot were the last MMO's intended to run great on Dial Up. City of Heroes and WoW sorta worked okay with Dial Up, but concentrations of players killed things.

Access to a Satellite service is an option and it's not especially expensive if you keep your bandwidth needs low, but such a service would only provide you around a 900 to 1200 MS latency. Satt is reliable, but NOT fast.
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Jan 13, 2009
I tried to play with 64kbps bandwith limit via a HTTP tunneling application back in school. You can solo play fairly well, but you will get laggy in 5mans. 20man and 40man instances won't be playable.

As Indaco suggested, try getting a 4G mobile / data2go solution, that would give you the required speeds and your ping should be below 500. WoW can be played fairly well even with huge ping, your connection just needs to handle the data stream from multiple players.


New Member
Aug 16, 2010
As Psojed says, solo playing and 5-mans would be possible, but raids probably not.

Maybe you can try ISDN connection. It's still better than classic dial-up, it uses phone cables too, but comunication is fully digital. ISDN speeds are from 64 Kbps to 144 Kbps, depends on your link.
Try to ask your phone services provider. :smile:
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New Member
Aug 23, 2014
well as said before 1.12.1 doesn't require much bandwidth but playing with many or being close to many would make it quite bothersome.

you could however hope making a petition gathering opinions and votes from others in the area and send to the nearest broadcaster in order to get a tower up or cables that cowers the area, but then again if it where worth it they would in most cases already have done so but its at least a hope :wink:
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