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Previous Rank 14's lf PVP guild (H)


New Member
May 26, 2018
Hi guys!

Myself and a few friends have recently stopped playing Legion after finding this Vanilla project. We all played in a hardcore PVP guild back in Vanilla (Eos, Hakkar Server) and were the top alliance pvp guild on our server. We are leveling horde and plan to PVP through the brackets, pushing honor rankings at 60 in premades. We're looking for a solid guild of pvpers who have the same goals in mind! Please give me a shout here or add Groovetrain, Funktron, or Swervedaddy on Kronos III West if you know of something!

All the best
I think I remember some of the names from here... Destro - warrior, Undaddy - rogue?, Phenomenal - hunter?... Guild leader a mage named like Matsumi or something similiar? Was always curious if the team kept on going together :D
Holy cow!

Yeah that's right, Mutsumi was the original GM and a few original members were Bebot, Foror, Socrates. Other members we picked up were Targe and Nightshift PVPing along the way.

Who were you? Several of us rolled Horde on Kromcrush if you're back to playing!
Ah Socrates was a fellow pally right? I was a pally.. I remember you were absolutely beast so my main goal was always to try to keep you alive as long as possible haha.
As for the name.. it's been a long time lol. I would have been probably either Krodin or maybe Seraph? I don't have my original account anymore. I was like 19 and wow had taken over my life :confused:. Gave my account away and partied for the next decade!

Ya I'm playing classic casually now. Don't have as much time to put into it so I wouldn't say I'm that great but it's def been fun!
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