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Problems with login


New Member
Apr 17, 2016
For the past several days ive been having hell getting my computer to login to the server. It is computer specific, not account. Ive done all the basic stuff. Dont want to have to reinstall. Has anyone run into this or have a solution? I get stuck at "Success" then it goes to realm selector, where im always told PTR. I will select K1 or 3 and it never loads character screen. The problem seems to be 90% of the time, though at times, it will just randomly work flawlessly. Having to work for 10 minutes to login is getting annoying. Plz halp, Dox


Jan 27, 2015
You are not the only one with this, have the same issue.
Although it doesnt take long to go past the login success (what i do is upon pressing enter after entering my creds, i press cancel and go to real selection manually and connect where i need to, which is faster), takes me about 30 seconds or so. Tbh i dont even know what caues this issue.
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