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Other Profession specialisation reset


New Member
Aug 3, 2020

A while back I made a character on this server and took Engineering as my profession. At level 60 I always like to have Goblin specialisation for long term. Before I started on this server I made sure to check the patch that is running on this server, because profession specialisation reset has been added in patch 1.11.
The server information on the Kronos website says the following: "Kronos is based on the 1.12 patch of WoW, matching the same release as the client that is used on all private realms."
It's quite some work, but I like to first get the Gnomish items and then reset with the book in Tanaris to get Goblin in the long run.
Now I have the Gnomish items that I wanted, unlearned Engineering, leveled Engineering back up to 225 and went to the book in Tanaris:
As you can see the book is there but the functionality is not working. (The NPC next to the book does mention that the book can be used for changing specialisations.) Can you fix this bug or come up with an alternative? At the moment I'm not even an Gnomish Engineer anymore, and lost the schematics I had before resetting, which kinda destroys the fun.

Thanks in advance:)

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