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Question Public PTR


New Member
Aug 23, 2014
Looking forward to the open PTR which enables players to test things for you and themselves resulting in better examples in bug reports and re-test's to see if things work or not.

However i wish to ask:
1. Will player's be able to use the .learn & .unlearn ? these are quite important as people can thus learn something like Heart of Wyrmthalak's Proc and use it on demand testing if the proc can proc other things that are not intended, or learn another class's buff to see if it overwrites another as it should or not instead of requiring a friend to be logged on. Simply put without .learn & .unlearn players would require a lot longer to test something specific in detail and since it is on PTR i see no harm there.

If you wish to know if a proc can proc other things the only way is to have it proc alone without anything otherwise you won't know if the other source procced from it or the hit that procced it. It makes the difference between 5 hours and 2 minutes without even exaggerating it so i honestly hope this command is partially or fully made useable to players, you could even add a simple reset to learned abilities when they log in and out if concerned but in the end its just ptr right ?.

2. Will players be able to use the health increasing commands ? if a player wants to verify a proc occuring when struck in combat or test versus another player for testing purposes having near infinite health helps. yes a dummy could be used but they cannot equip such gear nor do they get talents to test.

3. Will the threat command be accessible ? in order to confirm threat from all sources a 2nd, 3rd and 4th time as there are many things in 1.12.1 and overlooking 1 rarely used thing is quite simple and granting access to the command also eliminates any doubts originated from rumors about threat not being correct as they would be able to verify it themselves with just logging in.

4. The kill command would be usefull for cases where an individual wants to test a certain npc that is located deeper inside a dungeon but not interrested in walking all the way in while revive allows a player to re-kill to re-confirm drop rate in case they should doubt twinhead or if they wish to re-test encounter vs the target.
note: is there an estimate of when the ptr is publicly released ?


New Member
Aug 20, 2015
I do not have specifics on what will be available other than the ability to level up and ability to add items to your ptr characters. Anything else that our devs deemed needed will be provided. I also don't believe that .die will be available as this will lead to issues that our team have zero resources to devote (players absuing this on ptr, which has happened in the past).
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