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Rogue PvP Daggerspec

Dec 25, 2014
I played combat swords for pve and hemo for pvp since kronos launched. Recently i thought about switching things up and go dagger. Yesterday I finally got a good dagger. For pve the case is clear, combat dagger. But for pvp i the last time i played daggers was in 2007...
What do you guys think? Is standard 21/8/22 coldblood/prep build still viable? Or is there so other awesome build i did not think about? I mainly do some world pvp and ganking when i am not raiding or farming consumes.
Oct 5, 2014
Southern California, USA
Imp EA is pretty great, would have to sacrifice remorseless attacks or vile poisons

Better as seal fate or premed spec if you can reach

CB/Prep not worth it to spec imp EA imo cause after your initial opener you won't be building enough cp's fast enough to make it worthwhile. 1v1 stunlock sure but so many fights get interrupted I prefer not to go gankspec and let fights last and have my victim reach help
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