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PVP Incentive and World Rejuvenation Strategy


Nov 7, 2014
PVP Incentive and World Rejuvenation Strategy

The following will outline a plan to encourage PVP on Kronos/Kronos 4 and make the world feel more lively.

What it is?

It is a weekly repeatable quest that awards gold for 10 solo queue BG wins.

Why and How it works.

Weekly repeatable quest
(Can only take once per character per weekly reset)

Reason: Keep gold inflation low, encourage play in other brackets on alts/twinks, encourage creation of more pvp alts, more pvp alts means more people in the sub 60 zones, more pvp alts means more demand for low level gear and materials, more things to do in a weekly reset means more people online, and more alts in honour pool = less insane ranking.

Gold Reward
(Scaling per bracket)

Reason: Encourages PVPers, PVErs, and levelers to spend time/more time in BGs.

Credit for a win only to be awarded if the player is not in a party or raid upon entering the battleground

Reason: Encourages less organized and casual players to enter the battlegrounds, incentivizes premade players to leave their groups for some games, and incentivizes playing the objective to win rather than afking/leeching for a free mark.

Quest givers to be located at the BG instance portal and in theme with the WS Outriders/Silvermoon Sentinels, Defilers/League of Arathor and Frostwolf Clan/Stormpike

Reason: To encourage movement outside of the capital cities (more players out in the world), to encourage wpvp between queues, and to maintain continuity in the feel of the world (avoid seeing some random npc in the city that isn’t supposed to be there (RP/“blizzlike”)).

Sample reward structure (Obviously gold amount changed to be whatever is deemed to be motivating enough but not radically altering the economy):


10-19 10 wins = 5g

20-29 10 wins = 10g

30-39 10 wins = 15g

40-49 10 wins = 20 g

50-59 10 wins = 25g

60 10 wins = 30g

NPC Sample Text:


Hail <Class>. The Horde/Alliance bleeds soldiers on its frontlines…Thrall/Varian and his Warbands/Armies are not above paying mercenaries for what duties should be done for honour alone. I must admit victory has its price, be it blood or be it gold.


No battle is left half way. Want your gold? Finish the job.


If the coffers shrink for the Horde/Alliance to grow, so be it. You’ve earned your payment.

Summary: Weekly Repeatable quest that awards gold for 10 solo queue BG wins.

Further considerations: Perhaps once a month or at some other interval the reward structure would offer similar rewards for group queuing as to encourage premade vs premade games for that time period.
Rewards for wins to be offered for Arathi Basin and (maybe) Alterac Valley as well. To encourage a variety of BGs to be running.

Thank you for consideration.
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