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Information PvP Timeline and Decay Cap changes


Jun 10, 2016
I was reviewing this thread and just realized that one of my posts is flagged as "not yet approved by a moderator". I don't see why that would be the case, as far as I can tell there's nothing inappropriate therein. I'm going to quote it since it was an intended reply in the conversation here. Mods, please let me know if this was by mistake or otherwise.

It's probably a bit late to make any difference as far as decision making goes, but I would still like the points I'm trying to make to be properly supported.
ever heard of minmaxing? if its bis people will go and get it - no matter what.

devilsaur bis most of the game? thats new to me. edgemasters are very underwhelming btw
You're not making any sense by quoting what I wrote and defining min maxing.

- Nobody is saying people don't or shouldn't do it.
- You are saying that it's not okay to get 2 pre-AQ BiS pieces (which is debatable) for the (supposedly) moderate effort of PvP.
- I am saying that there are certain pieces you can get much more easily (you don't even need to be level 60), that are BiS for at least as long or BiS forever, which invalidates the argument that the 2 piece PvP "BiS" is too easy.

Go ahead and show me what you can get for a Warrior that is better than 2/2 Devilsaur until AQ. Inb4 you link Titanic Leggings.
Show me the same for a feral druid.
This is the last time I do your numbers for you, but here you go. Rogue T2 vs Devilsaur:

Bloodfang Pants
Total AP from Str and Agi: 48
Total crit including agility: 2.275%
Bloodfang Gloves
Total AP from Str and Agi: 39
Total crit including agility: 0.69%

Combined numbers: 87 AP, 2.96% Crit, 0% Hit


Devilsaur Leggings
Total AP: 46
Total Crit: 1%
Total Hit: 1% (set bonus)
Devilsaur Gauntlets
Total AP: 28
Total Crit: 1%
Total Hit: 1% (set bonus)

Combined numbers: 74 AP, 2% Crit, 2% Hit

Tradeoff: 13 AP and 0.96% Crit for 2% hit. For a combat rogue who gets the largest chunk of his dps from white melee swings, extra hit is more valuable than the tradeoff, especially when you take into account that at BWL gear levels + consumables Rogues will be crit capped.

In the same vein, for fury warriors also getting the greatest portion of their dps from white swings, yes indeed, Edgemaster's providing almost complete glancing penalty reduction for orcs and humans using appropriate weapons, and slightly more than 3% hit + a sizeable reduction in glancing penalty for other races / not using weapons buffed by racials, is very underwhelming.
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Kronos Administrator
Jul 11, 2010
The PvP timeline changes did not make it into the announcement, as we wanted a little more time to discuss it (there's been a lot of things on our plate in preparation for the release and we didn't want to make any rushed call). You should expect and update within the next 3 weeks.
Apr 11, 2016
There's also truestrike shoulders, arena chest, wsg/ab reputation items, t1 with updated itemization, vis'kag with updated itemization, Kronos ED/Ironfoe, etc..

But hey people might be using two pieces of r10 pvp set gear for a +20ap/sp bonus, that would absolutely throw off the balance and make a strict change in the raid difficulty.

Sep 9, 2015
All those items were there either from the start or when the instance got introduced in 1.4/1.5. Viskag got its stats updated to what we have now in 1.4. You want a T1 lvl set available from start before even MC is released. I agree having arena chest with 1.11 stats in the game is retard, but Kronos staff said they'll keep 1.12 stat of each item present in the game when content was released. I didnt check, i just hope warsong epic pants isnt in the game.