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Information PvP Timeline and Decay Cap changes


New Member
Aug 3, 2018
I just got to 60 a few days ago on my shaman, only then to find out just how screwed up pvp is. First, you continually lose rank when you don't play, yet there is no freaking way to pvp unless you do world pvp!
Friday I sat thru the 45min q times for AB, YET I NEVER made the Q. Yet at the same time I would keep seeing the chat msg that AB 60vs60 had begun over and over!
So how is anyone new to 60 ever going to even get a PVP tank when the goddam bg que system is so screwed up and doesn't even work.
Am I to believe the other google search article I read stating Horde caused this problem and that there isn't enough Aliance to make the bg system work faster than a 45+ min que time???
I for one WILL NOT just sit in this game waiting 45+ minutes for a bg que to pop which never does.


New Member
Aug 23, 2014
It depends on what time of day you que up, at times it has been 3-7 min. at other times 40-70 min. if not longer but that is quite normal in 1.12.1 and its far shorter than it was back around 2005 & 2006.

Keep in mind among the 3 BG's the least popular is AB, furthermore a lot of people harbor a misconception confusing vanilla with retail but there is a strong difference between the two not just in gear, dungeon, raid, talents & communications but also how battleground ques work as on retail they combine all servers through battle.net in order to achieve such short ques.

You ask how you can reach a certain rank or reputation and the answer is quite simple "step by step", you could aim for R13 & R14 but that requires 8-12 hours pvp a day for the next couple months while keeping an eye on the others competing for it but keep in mind only 0.1% reach that rank so i advice aiming much lower than that.

As for reputation you earn it bit by bit and i recommend storing marks so you can turn in 3 of each mark for great honor at a time instead of only 3 of one type since if you turn in 3 of each mark you get double rep form the wsg & ab marks and slightly more av rep too than if you delivered the marks seperately.

Vanilla is a patient game, true you can get fully geared and such on retail in less than a month but vanilla is slow & steady improvement until you start to shine more and more it all comes down to patience & time ;)

note: if you wish to be a pvp tank then look out for when AQ arrives and make sure to get decent gear from pve for ur pvp, the obsidian shield is quite the powerfull pvp tank item.
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