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Rogue Q: Ironfoe/Extra attack mechanics on Kronos


Sep 28, 2014
Hi, wondering about the Ironfoe / Extra attack mechanics on Kronos.

1. What proc chance is Kronos using for Ironfoe?

2. Can Ironfoe, sword spec, hand of justice, thrash blade and flurry axe "proc on procs" here?

3. Does Ironfoe/Thrash Blade/Flurry Axe replicate abilities or is it strictly extra MH attacks here?

4. What class does higher singletarget DPS: Fury warrior or Rogue?

5. How would you rate the Seal Fate build below in comparison to the standard build for PVE?
a) As Alliance?
b) As Horde?



Nov 29, 2012
1. 10%
2. No. All can proc from the same autoswing, but not from each other
3. A proc will give you 2 additional white hits

I know that there are forum entries that suggest Thrash Effects to replicate the attack they procced on, however, I have yet to see a proper screenshot or footage that supports these claims. And trust me, I watch about any Ironfoe PvP video I could find.

4. Is this question about Ironfoe or in general? If its about Ironfoe then Warrior handsdown. The additional rage + better AP scaling seals the deal here. If you mean in general, idk. Rogue probably.

5. You are wasting alot of potential for a slightly better combo point gain. Does not seem worth it on first glance.

H/A I'd say that BoK + BoM + poisons is > Windfury for dagger.
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