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Rogue Quests for good rogue gear?

Sep 13, 2014
You can look up any and all gear you want using the many databases available to you.

Here's one example that I think is one of the best:

With this you can single out quest rewards by typing in the Level filter the level range you are looking for, so lets say 30-64 iLevel. (Leave the required level blank)

Then hit search and once the list pops up, click on "Required Level" to sort out all the items with no level requirement (Quest rewards don't have level requirements) from the rest of them, and voila! You now have a list of all the leather quest rewards you can get. Then you can see what quest line they are from etc. It's beautiful. I do this on pretty much every one of my characters. :laugh:


Nov 29, 2012
There is a direct link to wowhead as well on Twinstars site.
I recommend using Twinhead. Its more accurate and reflects Kronos database.

From what I heard you can get in trouble legally if you simple show other sites content, which this vanillagaming feature is doing.
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