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Druid Quick tank question.


New Member
Mar 11, 2018
I'm leveling a druid and am at level 17. I tanked RCF last night and it went fine. Here is my question, I have 3/5 Feral Instinct right now. If I want to tank while leveling how important are those last two points? Reason I ask is because two points into brutal impact would be awfully nice on a pvp server.

If the answer is you are nuts, if you are going to tank, go 5/5 FI, fine, just curious what you druid experts think.



New Member
Apr 19, 2016

This is the spec you should be using. Note I don’t have feline swiftness, due to its use is only for 9 lvls (then we get travel form which is faster) and those two point are better used elsewhere.

I take IS over 2/2 imp enrage for pvp reasons another dot to help kill pesky players. (It’s also a good pull spell, the reduction to be hit helps)

This spec will let you tank, dps, and heal really up through MC. You will get into any and all groups while lvling and working on Pre-bis
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