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Information Realm Merge

are the servers still down? instant disconnection when I try to log in ?!

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spry just saw your message thanks :)
I don't mean to alarm anyone but, the login servers are up and that can only mean the server will hence be up soon!
Dear Kronos team,

Thank you for all the amazing work! I didn't expect to log in and everything go smooth, because previous private server experiences were often messy. You did a great job here! never4get!
It was really cool seeing so many people online in the cities at one time, there were six warsongs running at the same time too, teething problems are to be expected though, tonight was good though, hopefully things settle down in the next week or so, good job Kronos!
You also have to see that yesterday was a higher pop, because everyone logged due to the big hype. Numbers will go down a little bit but still be more than good :)
I was happy to see five /six warsongs going and STILL hours later towards early morning people still logged in enough to fill in 2 or 3 games. I like what I see. Groups should be much easier to form now also. Only downside to this I can see is having more competition for farming stuff, but not too many as to make it unbearable.
I've also noticed a few changes in some of the mobs way of interacting with players - they even added in new spells to some mobs (i guess things that were missing out). It's nice to see random minor details like these being taken care of, much appreciate the effort and actual work put into this by the staff, you guys are awesome.
Same here. I haven't been able to login since the merge. Changing the realmlist to set realmlist wow.twinstar.cz ​didn't work either.
Why do you want to log in? Because according to you:

Anyways, 6 months from now the Kronos population will probably halve. Another 6 months and the only players left will be the hardcore raiders. PvP will be dead, one faction will have 1hr+ queues while the other faction will have instant queues but lose every game due to premades. But what does my opinion mean anyways, I'm not a hardcore raider who's gonna stick around, I'm a filthy casual who likes running dungeons while leveling and playing BGs while leveling and playing AV pugs, and for all those things there needs to be a lot of people playing.
So, are you sticking around, or...?
As much as I agree with you Holaver, it's not the time and the place for something like that to come as a response from official staff member. Server is great now, it's attracting more and more attention from new and old players and by the looks of it, it has a bright future.. Last thing anyone wants is people getting turned off because of some banal stuff like cocky responses by forum moderators.
I'm sorry, I am just curious about what has caused this turn from "This server will be dead soon." to "OK, I am staying." I don't feel it is that illegitimate question to ask, especially given that these posts are just week one from another and he seemed to be so certain about what he wrote.
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