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Horde Recruiting for Kronos 3 PvP & DKP Raiding Guild NA/EU

Mar 8, 2018
Hello all those that are interested, will be updated in the near future as there is still a lot of organization going on, and we're trying to have as much preparation thought out in advance to give us the strongest leading advantage for progression with the ability to be Kings of the Hill in PvP.
We are looking to build two 40 man raids at different times of the day for 'night owls / morning people' for both of our populations in NA & EU.

Best bet is to contact us on discord at https://discord.gg/HyUv94J

Again, nothing is set in stone, and there will be a lot of thought and consideration into making things as fair and legitimate as possible.
Forewarned, we have pretty much decided that tanks will have main priority on thunderfury, especially those that have decided to tank from the start, as it is the strongest threat gaining weapon up until well into burning crusade which will make progression considerably less difficult. The tank roster is not filled up, so feel free to consider.
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