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Remove the up- and downvotes from the bug tracker


Apr 11, 2016
While the system in itself is meant for harmless fun and resembles the rating system on wowhead, I find it unfitting for a tracker used for reporting issues with the server; it belongs to a forum enviroment. Presenting players the ability to freely downvote individuals they don't like or comments they don't personally agree with can lead to problematic situations where people regularly misuse the function, especially when comments with enough negative votes get hidden.

The concept of rewarding users for their commitment is however a welcome one, but you could just leave up the passive system which awards points for every comment and report made.


May 4, 2013
Well the hidden comment can still be shown by anybody so I don't see this as an actual issue. Moreover even a negative attention still gives your post attention. Server staff can then determine to include the information in the issue itself where it can't be neither hidden nor downvoted should that be necessary.
Oct 5, 2014
Southern California, USA
I kind of like the system, but it honestly feels like they cherry pick the issues themselves, and even posted evidence in comments can be ignored/ overlooked.

Examples would be fear working on elementals, I'll link a few that I wanted to see fixed but were never addressed, after I'm out of my shift though.

Also there used to be a link to a really great vanilla archive source with videos and images, wowhead or thottbot comments etc

Any chance we could post links or bump a thread I may have overlooked, anyone?
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