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[MC] Molten Core <Risen> Open MC Run


Aug 20, 2015
<Risen> Alliance Open MC Run

Come join us for our first ever Molten Core raid, Tuesday October 6th, and 8pm CST! As long as you're attuned, reasonably prepared, and we have a spot still available, you're welcome to sign up. Before putting your name in though, please be sure you've read all the info below.

Why should you trust Risen hosting the run? It's our first raid as a guild, yes, but far from my first time in Molten Core. During retail vanilla I led one of only 23 US guilds that were able to clear all content before TBC released. TBC through WotLK I was an officer in one of the most successful US raiding guilds that ever existed (vodka). I can promise that you will all be treated fairly, your time won't be wasted, and we'll go as far as we can with who we have.


Date: Tuesday, October 6

Time: 8pm CST (3am server), until we clear, or decide to call it

Loot System: Closed bid simple dkp. Everyone will receive one point per boss killed. If an item you want drops, you may bid as few or as many points as you possess via whisper. Ties will /random 100. Unused points at the end of the raid will carry over to the following week, but with a 50% decay.

Other loot info: Tier BOE epics will be open to bids, but must be immediately equipped by the winner. All unwanted tier BOE epics, legendaries, materials, etc, will be distributed to Risen members only (incentive to join our guild!).

Requirements: MC attunement completed, Mumble, and at minimum a reasonable amount of character preparation. A fresh off the boat 60 in leveling greens and no consumables whatsoever will not be top on our list who we want to bring.

Other important info: Our eventual goal is to form a full Risen 40-man raid team. To that end, spot priority will be given to our members. If you're part of the Risen raid team and you want to go, you will have a guaranteed spot, assuming you sign up in advance. We're happy to bring people from other guilds, but our long-term goal here is to grow our guild, so keep in mind that this will probably become a Risen-only thing at some point in the future.

Also, be warned--if you sign up and no show, come unprepared, afk frequently, behave poorly, or prove to be unreasonably inept, you probably won't be coming back again. Plain and simple.

For those who have read everything above and wish to sign up for the raid, please visit the sign-ups thread on our website www.risencc.com, or message me in-game. If you have questions about the loot system, or anything in general, pm me on our website, or talk to me in-game.
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