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<Roadkill> PvP (H)

Apr 28, 2016
Greetings, <Roadkill> is a newly formed PvP guild, and we are looking for exceptional players to join our ranks. We will be focusing on premade battlegrounds. WorldPvP and destroying capital cities. Occasionally we will try to get a raid for PvE content. But don't expect to do this every week!
People all over the globe and flat earth are welcome.

If you are interested try to catch me online.

Hope to see you soon, and remember, IF IT'S RED, IT'S DEAD!
Nov 10, 2016
hmmm...a possible flat-earther, but you do mention Globe too so I don't know....hmmm.

P.S please tell me you not starting a new guild on K1...pleeeease.
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