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Rogue Rogue Leveling Spec


Jul 6, 2016
I would say, most reading on the forums... people always say level combat. I think you'll find out whatever works best for you is what kind of favorite weapons you plan to have.

As long as your tree has these points, I think you'll be just a-okay... no matter what!


Ambooshe is really nice too!


New Member
Apr 21, 2016
Combat is definitely the most efficient with the drawback of less pvp viability while leveling. A good strat for pvp servers is to respec sub in the 30s for the heavier pvp zones like STV. This lines up perfectly with when rogues get prep and hemo in the sub tree.


New Member
Oct 11, 2017
yes combat is better and faster but sub is not that bad after 30 and great for pvp problem with daggers is that you got far less opening for ambush and backstab and you need 3 point in imp gouge and spent quit a lot of energy if you dont one shot the mob in the other hand going sub if you plan to pvp as well and getting a very slow mainhand and whatever offhand you want is a good idea pros easyer to cc good survibilty and escape tools or cc talents double cds with less cd better and cheaper openers easyer cp buildup and wining vs other classes (with one exeption imp sprind vs frost mages but even so) con is slower lving vs mobs but for crowded areas with horde you lvl faster coz you wont dieng as much in wpvp instead you will pick your figth better kill easyer and escape easyer
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