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Rogue Rogue leveling

Apr 28, 2016
Stay away from daggers, but you can use them for off hand since they are quick and apply more poisons.(once you have sword spec talent, stay away from daggers off hand)

Your main hand needs to have the highest min-max dmg possible. You want it to be slow speed.

Cruel barb for low levels is amazing. You can also buy some green sword/mace off the aunction house every 5/10 lvls.

Look on google aowow. You will be able to find all the available items.

You want cruel barb if lucky, then try to get a cheap superior 1h from ah for lvl 25/35. At lvl 37 for vanquisher sword from a rfd quest. Sword of omen from scarlet monastery quest.
Lvl 46+ get a trash blade and probably keep it until level 60.
At lvl 51, use the mace one hand from av win quest.

You can also get the hand lf righteousness from sm cath at lvl 40.
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