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Alliance <Roleplayers>

Jan 23, 2015
Hello and welcome, Roleplayers of Kronos!
This a freshly started Guild, with the goal to be a home to all roleplayers of Kronos!

My plan is to collect all RPers without any Topic for now, although while we grow we can make different Events/Stories within the guild.
I will try to get up different RP-Events and help those who wants to do some on their own.

I thought about making the ranks like specific topics, for example if we have some people within our guild which want to create or join the "Traders Community", there would be a Rank called "Trader" or something. Anyways, this is under construction :p
It would also be nice to see the different Topics to fuse sometimes, for example if the Traders Community wants a hard-to-get Item, they´ll contact the Adventureres to get it for them.

There are 2 Topics which will be part of the guild right now:

-We will have a regular Tavern meeting, organised by Niftie. http://forum.twinstar.cz/showthread.php/107475-The-Shifty-Quilboar-Tavern-Roleplay-Event-(A)

-Also I will, within the Tavern meetings, start to recruit for a shady, more or less criminal Organisation. This organisation will also start IC, which means there is no complete concept for now. I will start recruiting for it, and through the recruitments it will form itself.

I think you will be able to join IC at the Tavern of Niftie, though I will have to talk to HER (I am so sorry Niftie!) a bit about this ;).

I will edit this some somtimes I think, because there are always new Ideas coming in my mind about anything. However I want to present you my first so far:
Later, when the guild got bigger, I think about making some "quests". Those quests will take direct influence in the engine. For example, there could be a customer who wants a rare Item which just can be found in Uldaman. So I will set up a quest (including reward) to get this Item. I dont know how this reward will look like for now, but we´ll see.
I just really like the Idea of actually RP-ing within the enginge ;).

I, to be honest, don´t really know what else to say ... so: We´re recruiting!
There are no restrictions regarding class, race or level. I guess we will be mainly a twink-guild since we won´t raid or do PvP.
If you want to join the Events without joining the Guild, please contact Ashahn (ingame) or write me a PM.

Also I am looking for experienced Roleplayers to lend me a Hand (since I´m more or less a "beginner") and for more People who wants to create a Topic for RPing.

Sincerly, Ashahn! (Contact me ingame to join)
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