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Roleplaying Guild

Jan 23, 2015
""Unimportant Amateur short story - If you want to get toget straight to the point just scroll down ;)""

It was a normal afternoon following a normal morning in the completly normal city of Ironforge.
People where bargaining at the Auction House, trading food and armor. You could even hear the sharp sounds of the forge dwelling to the market place from far away.
And there was Fommr. Fommr was, even for a Dwarf very small, about to pin a piece of paper on the blackbord.
Well, he tried. The blackbord was completly full with papers of all kind. Someone was advertising someome called "Stormlord" or so, and some other paper told you to not trust this 'Stormlord".
Eventually he found a piece of paper which said:"lfm ubrs key + port dps". He had no Idea what this should mean, so he decided to pin his paper on top of this cryptic message.
After some struggling, because the spot he picked was a little bit too high for him, Fommr took a look at his work, nodded and walked away.
One passing the paper would think it is the most amateur writing he'd ever seen, but for Fommr it was a dream, a dream to hopefully come true.

After 4 Months in South-East Asia, I am about to be back to Kronos.

Many, many things have changed so far.
Non the less, before I went on my journey, I did some attends to get up some Roleplay in the Kronos community, which unfortunatly didnt recieved much feedcack.

Now, I will try once again, with a larger playerbase now, I think we could achieve something.

First off: I would be willing to TRY to get up a RP-guild. Tho I neither have that much experience with beeing a Guildmaster nor with "high-end Roleplay".

Anyways; I think there are 2 most important things regarding RP on Kronos:
- Tollerance. Since Kronos is a national server, not everyone (including myself as you may have recognised by now;) speaks perfectly english. So, all you nativespeakers out there; be aware of spelling mistakes and so on.

- Style of Roleplay/Roleplaying Guild
Since we are a small community (at least so I think), we would need to have a topic where everyone could fit in.

I thought about some Topics:
1. (I mentioned it before in another post) a criminal Organisation. This would provide many playable roles and ... c'mon, its just cool!

2. A traders organisation. This would provide many roles aswell; Farmers, Bakers, Traders, Clothiers, etc etc.
But also some shady persons dealing with dubiose stuff or Treasurehunters!

3. Military. Nuff said.

4. Maybe the best solution; Just a guild to stuff all the roleplayers together, eventually making some Rp events such as markets or maybe even tornaments. Who knows.

So far so good. Please tell me if you are interested, and if so what roleplay style fits you the best so I can see how many people would get up to it.

Also if there are any experienced RPers who wants to help organise or just got some useful tipps for me, please tell me!

Sincerly, Elias

(Sorry for not-so-good english;)
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New Member
Apr 11, 2016
Hey there!
I just migrated from Nost, and I've been RPing in WoW for several years on retail. I'd love to join your RP guild and help out any way I can. I just rolled a Night Elf hunter named Valenar and an Orc warrior named Kradeg. I'm down to help on either one.


New Member
Apr 15, 2016
I'm extremely interested in joining. I roleplayed from the launch of Vanilla to early Cata. Roleplaying is honestly one of the reasons I'm here in the first place as weird as that might sound.
Feb 4, 2016
Stormwind City
I've just made my alt yesterday: Dersu, dwarf hunter. Everyone please send your alts name so we can arrange something soon. By the way, if you're wondering about my name check out Dersu Uzala:

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