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RP / Britta V Exhumed (ft. Wedding) [Halloween Machinima]


New Member
Mar 19, 2015
Hi there,

Since I mostly worked on RP video project recently, I figured that some of you, in this section, could be interested by my latest videos.

I released it today:
Britta V Exhumed

► Disclamer :
Britta V Exhumed is my second machinima movie and the sequel of Britta III Legends (also named Britta III The Bloody Tale, on my youtube chanel). All content is original and self-written. Britta V has been an important project since this summer and I'm really excited to release it ! You can watch this video even if you haven't watched Britta III and IV. But for the charm of the story i'd say it's important to watch Britta III first, then IV, then V. Even if the IVth is 80% about arenas, it reveals a kind of a love story that is part of the whole RP scenario between britta 3 and 5.

Britta III and V are voice acted by several persons that I credited in both video and that gives a lot more dimension to the videos.
if you need help for your own project: http://voiceactingalliance.com/
it's free and you can find many helpful person.

► Britta V Summary :
Three long years passed since The Shadow killed his exorcist master and started to haunt the nights of Azeroth... A secret council of wizards, known as the Order Of Nine sends his best sorcerer to flush the demon out and banish him : Aloysius Wedding. The story narrates Aloysius Wedding's fantastic journey and showcases the most epic battle of two archenemies.

Thanks for your time and feel free to like and let comments, whatever the feedback you wanna say, I improve by reading criticism and keep going by reading kind comment. :)

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