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    TwinStar team

Second Dragon of Nightmare and The War Effort


Kronos Administrator
Jul 11, 2010
Deal Players,

We’re content with the results of our limited time boost event, it’s great to see a lot of new players and still more and more are coming to join the community every day. We like to thank all the players for being a great community and for spreading the word.

Second Dragon of Nightmare

The second world dragon emerges on Sunday at 19:00 Server Time in Feralas. It will take the effort of many brave players to save Azeroth from the threat he brings us.

The War Effort

We have set a hard date for the official launch of the War Effort. It will be released on March 6th at 17:00 Server Time.

The reason for the delay is that while many new players are reaching level 60, many of them are still struggling with costs of spells and other necessities. Many of these players are relying on selling of materials to make this money. Asking these players to also donate towards a war effort is a bit…harsh since we did not provide any “breaks” in skill cost and increased gold. Therefore, in order to try and get many of them on board, we’re hopeful that one last “extension” week to get them ready will be beneficial to all the server. With that being said, just because the official release is March 6th, does not mean you cannot contribute to the effort before then! Feel free to gather material and start a nest egg so that you can turn them in as soon as the War Effort starts, to help give your faction a great kick start!

Safe travels and see you in game!
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New Member
Apr 7, 2015
Dear Kronos Team.
Thanks for making the limited time boost. It's so wonderful as an old wow-player to be able to relive the content quicker and with less hassle, and even with a few friends could be lured into it. So great. I dread when it ends, I will not have the patience to play it at the original pace.

Since there's the option to turn the boost off if you want already, I hope you can consider keeping it, or extend the period abit?


New Member
Feb 15, 2015
I hope they at least let the xp event continue for all of tomorrow (March 28th), since it's a holiday and 'everyone' will be home playing.


Oct 2, 2015
I hope they at least let the xp event continue for all of tomorrow (March 28th), since it's a holiday and 'everyone' will be home playing.
traditionally, we are supposed to go furniture shopping on this day in my country....
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