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Server Disconnection

May 26, 2019
Good afternoon.

I play on Kronos III and over the last couple of days I've been having connection issues through the game server. The game will freeze and I will "lag out" for upwards of a minute before I'm finally disconnected, giving my enemies plenty of time to kill me before that happens. I'm wondering, if possible:

  • What region the server is located in so I can set my own routing straight to it to alleviate connection problems
  • Was a new update dropped which is causing this interference
  • Is there anything I can do client-side that would allow for better connections
  • What is happening/when will it be fixed.
I'm new and don't know who to tag for the appropriate answers, so I won't bother trying, but if someone can let us all know I know there's more than just me having this issue and I think it'd be beneficial to have some form of temporary guide on the forums until this has been fixed.

Apr 14, 2014
It's happening on Apollo as well. It started a few days ago. Sometimes it starts lagging heavily and then many people disconnect.

When it happened in our raid, we tried a different realmlist and it worked. (I never got disconnected, always "survived" the lag).

Definitely a server issue. Or Thanos.
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