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Server rules [Last update: 16 June 2019]

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TwinStar.cz Project Leader
Jan 5, 2009
NOTE: English version NOT UPDATED yet, update in progress....

1. Rules

- By playing on the TwinStar server the player agrees to these rules and agrees to adhere to them.
- The administrator reserves himself the right to change these server rules at any time.
- The detailed list of the in-game violations is to be found HERE.
- The player is obliged to observe changes to the rules announced via the twinstar.cz web portal and abide by them, even if they are not yet listed here.
- The administrator is the highest instance, his decision is final and there is no countermanding his decision.
- Gamemaster acts upon a direct order from the Main Gamemaster and - in the absence of the Main Gamemaster - can act on his behalf, provided he has a permission to do so. It is possible to appeal against the Gamemaster's decision to the Main Gamemaster, exclusively via a private way (IRC, PM, E-mail).
- The player is obliged to report any bug in the game. Failing to report or abusing the bug will be punished according to a decision of a competent person.
- The player is obliged to report actions of another player, if they are in conflict with the server rules. The report may be directed to any person who is a part of the server team. Failing to report is considered a gross violation of the server rules.
- Any form of mocking, insulting or otherwise doing anything in contrast to a decision of any member of the server team is strictly prohibited.
- Administrator reserves himself the right to banish player from the server and services connected to the server, WITHOUT stating a reason.
- It is forbidden to advertise other servers with the same or similar aim. It is also forbidden to present links or information about places which contain direct information about servers with the same or similar aim.
- It is forbidden to advertise any form of warez, including materials linking to warez.
- It is forbidden to use gross language.
- It is forbidden to spam public communication channels, write meaningless or inconsequential messages or incite players to violate the server rules.
- It is forbidden to name in-game characters or pets with a gross, insulting or mocking expressions. At the same time, it is forbidden to choose names which are the same or similar to the names or nicknames of anyone in the server team.
- Everyone is obliged to follow all the laws of the Czech Republic that are effective at the current time.
- Violating laws of the Czech Republic will result in immediate banishment of the offender from the server and all the services connected to the server. The violation will then be formally handed over to the official authorities.

- There is no excuse to not knowing the rules.

2. Appeal for a GM assistance and problem reporting

2.1) Ticket system
2.2) IRC
2.3) Forum

Problems solvable by a GameMaster directly in-game belong into the ticket system. Other problems belong to the forum or a competent person (GameMaster) via IRC channel #twinstar-help, IRC query or PM on the forum (Do not forget to fill the message subject! Incoming messages without subject will be deleted unread!). Use e-mail correspondence only exceptionally or in special occasions. For clarification, a list of most frequent problems follows. In case the player is faced with a problem not listed below, he is adviced to use common sense and think twice if his problem belongs to the ticket system or somewhere else.

2.1) Ticket system:

Things that belong into the ticket system:
- bugged instance ID
- impossibility to complete a quest after a server crash
- bugged character statistics
- disappearance of an already learnt spell
- bugged trade skills
- character stuck in a texture
- impossibility to mount/unmount, bugged form change

Things that DO NOT belong into the ticket system:
- disfunctional quest (belongs to a proper section of the forum)
- disfunctional / bugged spell, ability, item (belongs to a proper section of the forum)
- missing / disfunctional NPC/GO/loot (belongs to a proper section of the forum)
- rename / transfer of the character (we don't do it)
- request for an e-mail change (not possible at the moment)
- request for a return of a dissappeared item/golds/honors/AP (we don't do it at the moment)
- vulgarities, spam, gibberish (punished with an in-game BAN)

!! ATTENTION !! Every ticket MUST contain TIME when the player is available in-game, or a NICK of another character where the player will be available at the given time. Tickets WITHOUT EXPLICITLY STATED TIME will be DELETED without warning !!

Ticket treatment:
For the sake of improvement and acceleration of the solution, you can contact GM directly on the #twinstar-help irc channel. In return, we ask you not to write your problems to team members' non-GM accounts. They have the same right to play as any other player, therefore please do not demand their immediate help.

2.2) Things that belong to the IRC:
- your problem, which you are advised to present in the ticket as well (if it belongs there) If the problem is solved, delete the ticket. Help via the IRC is NOT guaranteed!
- urgent problem which needs to be solved in a shortest time possible

2.3) Things that belong to the forum:
- all bug reports or problems which - due to their nature - are not possible to solve ingame
- global problems (i.e. problems that concern not only you, but more or all players)
- when reporting, you are obliged to adhere to the stated form of the report
Note: In case a nature of the bug is such that it could be abused by another player for a benefit of his own or his character because of a report on the forum, do not report the bug on the forum. Instead, direct the report privately (PM on the forum, IRC, ...) to any member of the server team.

3. Linked punishments

In case of a violation of the rules of one of the services (game, forum, IRC), it may be decided to impose punishment on another service. Meaning, if the player is punished with a BAN on the forum, he may be punished with a BAN ingame. Ban on the IRC channel can likewise be linked with a BAN ingame. Punishments can be linked between any of the services, including a global blocking of all services of the twinstar.cz server.

4. Purchasing stars
- Purchase of stars is allowed only via the official DONATE system
- The attempt to sell DONATE stars in any other way (PM, chat in the game, advertisements, etc.) will lead to - deleting all characters on seller's account, resetting the number of stars on the seller's account and, if possible, the permanent IP ban

5. Using anonymous connection and DynIP
- It is strictly forbidden to use any means of changing or hiding real information about a connected client.
- It is strictly forbidden to connect onto the game server, forum or IRC via anonymous proxy servers (Level 1, Level 2, Level 3), ELITE proxy, web anonymizers, anonymous VPN servers or other services, including software using these means.
- The only exception is using BNC (PsyBNC) for connecting to the IRC channels of the server.
- Using the aforementioned will result in locating real accounts of the person involved on the server/forum/IRC and their immediate suspension.
- Abuse of the variability of dynamic IP adresses for spamming or violation of laws will result in sending LOGs of actions to an ISP(=connection provider) to which the DynIP is registered and immediate cessation of these actions will be demanded. In extreme cases the situation may result in filing an official complaint against the person involved.

In case of using an anonymous connection, it is possible to grant an exception. The appeal for an exception must be sent exclusively via e-mail and must contain name of the account (or a registered nick on IRC), service involved (game, forum, IRC), type of the connection (Ann proxy, Elite, VPN, ... etc.) and a reason for using an anonymous connection (e.g. A port is blocked on the dormitories, therefore I use a tunnel to an anonymous VPN server via which I play). Upon approval, the user is authorized to use an anonymous connection. Requests may be sent only to a server Administrator.

6. The following violations are punished:
- It is forbidden to abuse a bug in SotA battleground - moving while mounted on a defense turret! This will be punished the same way as any other BG bugging. NEW
- It is forbidden to carry flags in a battleground using multi-passenger mounts! In case of such an abuse, both the carrier and the driver will be punished. NEW
- Win Trading - In case a team is proven guilty of WinTrading, all characters of that team will be deleted.
- It is forbidden to have more than 25 people in the instance at one time, online or offline. (10 people for 10-man raids, 25 people for 25-man raids).
- It is forbidden to loot boss, when your character wasn't in instance during the boss fight.
- It is forbidden to use a Steam Tonk item against players for the purpose of killing them.
- Operation of all CASINO type characters is forbidden.
- It is forbidden to purposefully place shaman totems into the texture in arenas, where they can't be hit with spells. In case the totem can't be destroyed with a spell even though an attacker is casting from a regular position, you will be punished according to the rules. In addition, players who purposefully waste time in stealth in arena will be punished with a kick from the arena.
- attacking NPCs in Shattrath City on purpose
- abuse of the "fly" bug
- Blink through the door in Sethekk Halls to the 3rd boss
- using quest items for purposes other than intended
- pulling / killing bosses outside their dedicated area
- pulling mobs / bosses in Hyjal to other bases
- bugging enslave of the bosses of high level demons
- bugging Mind Control on bosses or high level humanoids
- bugging pets / demons / totems in Shattrath City
- bugging instance ID
- bugging boss fight phases
- bugging instance events
- bugging PvP status
- bugging BG start
- abusing the ticket system
- using Sap on NPCs in raid instances
- bugging Taunt
- capturing BG flags in "bubble"
- bypassing locked instance entrance using a bug
- ressurecting players with non-combat spells during a boss fight in a raid instance
- win trading
- honor trading
- violation of rules or intentional spoiling of an event
- coloring or other text adjustments in a communication channel
- abusing owner/moderator rights in a communication channel
- vulgarism
- repeated and very gross language in-game or on the forum
- insulting members of the TwinStar team
- insulting hints on the TwinStar team
- using automated software handling unmanned playing on the server
- using means modifying a function of the client or its communication with the server
- trading/exchanging characters or accounts via public channels
- deliberate exploiting of "blind spots" in neutral cities (guards do not react to your attack on an enemy player)

- detailed list of violations can be found HERE (will be translate soon :p )
- abuse of errors/bugs not listed here is punished at discretion of GM or Administrator of the server
- size of the punishment is in FULL competence of the GM/Admin
- aside from a BAN, it is also possible to impose a material punishment
- player is obliged to report finding a bug to someone from the server team. Failing to do so, he will be punished for abuse of that bug.
- player is obliged to report another player exploiting a bug. Failing to do so, he is punished as an accomplice.
- punishments are effective immediately
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