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Information Session Persistence


Kronos Administrator
Jul 11, 2010
Hello Kronos Community,

Approximately one to two years ago I announced that Session Persistence was under development. The work came to a halt for a while as it was always put aside to prioritize more important features and fixes.

Surely some of you veterans may remember when this was applied to the live server for testing purpose, and removed after only a few days. I'm excited to announce that it has been on the PTR for a while now (in an updated form), and the implementation on our live server is coming soon.

Before it is implemented, I wanted to give you all a brief summary of what Session Persistence is, what purpose it serves, and what information you need to know.

First, it is a key feature that prohibits numerous exploits and eliminates a number of bugs. While the noticeable impact to players may seem small, this feature does not exist on any other project.

So, what will change? Force logging will be effectively eliminated which has a major impact on the following situations

1) Escaping from PvP combat by forcing a disconnect (ALT+F4) will no longer work
2) Players will no longer be able to avoid wiping during a raid
3) Battleground queues will be retained after sudden disconnects
4) Players will be able to rejoin combat without being kicked from a raid/instance/battleground

Now, you might ask yourself, "But, but, isn't this all pretty common?"

The answer is "no, it's not".

Currently, Kronos and possibly some other projects keep the player in-game after a disconnect for 20 seconds. Longer if you're in combat.
However, if you log back into your account, you are kicking your idle, uncontrolled character from the game (force-logging). This should not happen.
Whenever you log in to an already logged in account, nothing should happen to the in-game characters at all. Your characters should not even vanish for a moment.
The character should stay in-game, waiting for a controller (you) or until a certain time limit (hard cap) expires.
If your character is auto-attacking and you suddenly disconnect, your character should continue auto-attacking, even uncontrolled. Hence the name - Session Persistence. When you log back to the game on the same character, you will retain the control over the character, and you should still continue attacking.

Events continue to happen to the characters even without human control.

What happens to the characters that are not logged back in time?

If the character is out of combat, it will disappear after 20 seconds. On the other hand, if the character is in combat, it will disappear only after two minutes (duration is subject to change) have elapsed if the last hit it took was 20 or more seconds ago.
We all know that combat bugs existed and probably will during the entire World of Warcraft lifetime. Some of you might ask, "how do I drop combat now?"
Well... Players will be still able to drop combat. However, nobody should attack them during that time, and they have to wait at least two minutes.
Session persistence is scheduled to be applied to live server either this or early next week if everything goes well.

As the whole implementation and the number of changes are quite significant, I expect some random issues pop-up after the application. Kronos will be restarted with small or no notice if any critical issues appear after the update.

I would like to thank you for your patience and trust.
Hopefully, this step will push Kronos two steps forward.


Nov 1, 2015
What happens if you login to another character at the same acocunt? Is it possible to achieve two chars from the same account be online for short period of time at the same time?
Apr 20, 2016
glad this feature is coming to kronos
if you lose connection/ force log

First case:
on nostcore/elycore:
you sit down and you are still getting whispers, appear online in friend list, guild panel, so if a player wants to contact you he might not be able to tell if somebody currently is not connected or just afk
and when you reconnect the person could think you just does not answer

can you please implement a way to determine if a character currently does not have connected person in the world please?
for example an auto reply like "Player currently offline"

Second case:
when you force log/dc, nothing changes ingame, you are stanging still/auto attacking and nobody could tell that the character is not controlled currently
can you please make also determinable if a character currently is not controlled, when we are near him, like glowing effect for the disconnection like when reconnected


New Member
Oct 1, 2015
"1) Escaping from PvP combat by forcing a disconnect (ALT+F4) will no longer work"

Will ALT+F4 work when you get stuck in combat in dungeons/while doing world PVE? Because 2 minutes without attacking someone in dungeons is a long time...
Oct 5, 2014
Southern California, USA
All three are about the same tier of importance imo

To be fair, I was really super hyped for the improved pet pathing at k1 re-release.

The grass is always greener, eh

Combat bug will never ever go away, I betcha five beans
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