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Should I make an account on Kronos - no, lvl 60 gankers will ruin your experience


New Member
Jul 31, 2017
Let me start by saying that before classic launched I really enjoyed Kronos and have around 10 lvl 60 chars here on both horde and alliance. It used to be hands down the best vanilla server out there. Honestly at first I wanted to just let it go and not make a post at all, since for 2 months I've been playing classic and thoroughly loving it but out of sheer boredom I logged back here on my lvl 5x char to see what it looks like and very fast I've been reminded why I left Kronos behind.

If you start fresh here the road to about lvl 30 will be very nice and smooth but then as you want to lvl up more and more often you will find yourself ganked by lvl 60 with Naxx gear who at this point have nothing better to do as lvl 60 battleground are virtually non-exitant here apart from WSG maybe. Be it Wetlands, Tanaris or even worse end-game zones like plaguelands or Silithus, unless you have a group of friends willing to save you every time or a lvl 60 geared char that you are willing to fly from the other end of the world, your lvling experience will be crap because of these gankers.

Before you say this is a pvp server and it is to be expected - sure, I won't bat an eye if I loose to another leveler - that's just the name of the game - win some, lose some. However, there is nothing glorious about being ganked and corpse camped by someone 10 lvl higher than you and this is exactly what you will encounter right now in Kronos. So to answer the question - should I start on this server - don't. Just go and find a relatively fresh classic server. Sure, at some point classic servers will also get to this point, but you always have the option to go and play retail in Shadowlands or just roll on another classic server.

Ultimately, it's kinda funny because what lvl 60 gankers are doing are draining any new blood from this server. Well, good luck, soon you will have all the empty spaces you want to run around pointlessly. To all the potential new players - I will see you in classic :)
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