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Horde <Sinful> leveling/progression recruitment


New Member
Apr 24, 2019
Hello everyone,

<Sinful>, a long standing guild on Kronos 1, is looking for more active members that want to join our community for leveling and raiding purposes, or just take hang out and have a good time chatting.

We're currently looking to fill our ranks so that we can continue to progress once more through 40man raids. We're currently clearing ZG and AQ20 on a weekly basis, and we're looking to get enough members so that we can start re-clearing BWL, MC, and Onyxia, and eventually start on AQ40. Raid days are Wednesday/Saturday/Sunday - 7pm Server Time. Being online prior to that for buffing etc is beneficial.

For more information, or for an invite, you can find me in-game on Apocalyptica almost 24/7, or Loktamsin/Prozlinger/Tumetsi/Sequence.

Thank you!
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