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Warlock Spell Lock in PvP

Apr 6, 2015
Am I the only one who has this spell resisted all the time in PvP? I can't rely on it at all, especially on undead. That +10 SR racial might as well be +200 for how effective it seems to be against my spells.


New Member
Mar 1, 2015
I've noticed this as well, but on mobs. All the mobs that I would imagine have a small shadow resistance (Shadowhide Gnolls in Redridge, for example, or the Spectral Marines and Spectral Soldiers in Wetlands) resist my shadow abilities constantly. I'm talking like 3-5 resists for every spell I cast for a mob 1 or 2 levels below me.

I'm all for mobs having the Blizzlike resists and all that, but clearly something's wrong here in the translation of actual resist stats to the % chance of that mob/player to resist spells of that element. It's one of the only things I've noticed so far that is clearly wrong, but hopefully the devs see this and fix it.
Apr 6, 2015
I solved my PvP problem by buying a Rune of Perfection (Reduces target's resists by 20) and it really is outrageous how much of a difference it makes. It's like a trinket that gives +5% hit. That's basically Naxx-level gear.. except it's level 40.


Nov 29, 2012
Yeah, I've done the same. Without Rune of Perfection I won't even PvP anymore. If my ToEP is on CD I even equip the smaller version with 10 anti-resi.

Math is pretty simple:
10/300 * 0.75 = 2.5%

Add shadow resistance buff:
70/300 * 0.75 = 17.5%

Shadow resistance buff alone gives you 15% resist chance on the spell :)
-20 removes 5%, just like you said.
With MC gear almost everyone has at least 20 shadow resistance so its adviced to use the trinket.
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