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Horde >Spirits of the Shadow [EU]<


New Member
Dec 25, 2014
Dear Community,

Kronos release is coming soon. some Friends and my self a plan to open some New [EU] PvE Guild on Horde side > Spirits of the Shadow < is still a small punch of members with tons of experience about Classic Raiding we still playing atm on Feenix WoW and have done 14/15 Naxx but what does it mean on Feenix ? ! NOTHING!

so we planing to reroll for Kronos to play like in old Days ! Blizzlike and pe prepared to Wipe for more experience and try more Tactics !

We planing to open some new [EU] PvE Progression Guild on Kronos on Horde side ! at the moment we looking for some Members to group a small coupel of member to level together and start be a Guild.

> The Plan for Spirits of Shadow shut be a PvE [EU] Guild

> Fighting for first Kills on Kronos and be the best Horde guild <

> Time for PvP together shut be there but as Sec Option

>Searching Serious Members and Officers for our Guild with some Classic Raid Experience

>We are recrut all Classes and some Hybrid Specs as well !

> Loot System will be a Desicion about all Plan is to make a Vote beetween DKP > Loot Council !

> if you like to join us feel free to make a short application in our Forum

we got some small Homepage ! http://spiritsoftheshadow.kronos.shivtr.com/
Nov 9, 2014
I'll be thinking bout joining guild after server release mostly, but atm, this guild one of those, which i prob join to =)
as fury war.
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