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Strongbad, this is not over yet

Jun 18, 2015
A messenger coming from the Searing Gorge informed the Highlord about some troubles at our gryphons' nest at Thorium Point, so he asked me to scout there and see what was going on.

A gang of five or six Horde scums led by this orc with an admiral's hat were killing on sight anything that moved, I myself got really injured after they saw me, but thanks to Elune I still walk the earth.
Before leaving that place I noticed that group of green skinned thieves moving to the Black Rock Mountain.

I followed them while hiding in the shadows. They passed through that cursed keep once holded by Nefarian, and they rode swiftly through the Burning Steppes till the gates north of Lakeshire.
At that point I had no doubts, they were heading to our beloved Stormwind. Without hesitation I mounted up my white stallion and headed as fast as I could to the Keep, while praying Elune to slow down those savages.

Once I reached the gates of Storwind I went straight to the Highlord and informed him. When the invaders came we were already there waiting for them. There was a bloody mercilessly battle at the Stormwind bridge, we lost some soldiers but at least our city was safe and no civilian have been touched.

After the battle was over I looked around for the dead body of that big orc who was leading the gang, but I couldn't find it. All I've found was this big admiral's hat, it had a little label sewed on it: "Strongbad, High Fleet Admiral of the Horde Warchief Thrall's New Navy".


Feb 17, 2016
Always need to be testing each other's strengths and weaknesses. We must be ready as a united front against the horrors the Old God, C'thun plans to unleash on Azeroth. Thank you for giving my crew mates and I some much needed field tests.
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