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Strongbad's RP Backstory - The Ultimate Warrior, Parts Unknown


Feb 17, 2016
The Ultimate Warior - Kelgar - Parts Unknown
I fought in the First and Second Wars alongside Orgrim to help reign in Gul'dan's power and destroy the Shadow Council, making Orgrim Warchief.
After Blackrock Spire was overrun and Orgrim was captured, I led a small party that ultimately created the distraction that lead to my capture and internment but also in the escape of Orgrim from Lordaeron.
God knows how long I was in this internement camp or where it even was.
Thrall finally shows up to our interment camp.
I was the orc who told Thrall of the old ways of the horde, told him to seek out Grom and ultimately distracted the guards to help Thrall escape the interment camp.

I eventually escaped the camp as well when Arthas eventually stirred up so much shit the Alliance had no more time to pay heed to these camps.
Barely making it to the west coast of the eastern kingdowns just outside of Pyrewood Village after being bitten by a Scourge human on my escape from the camp. I was able to make it on to a row boat and get off the continent before everything went to shit.

I was saved by a passing goblin merchant ship as I was almost near death adrift in the Great Sea. Once we made it to Booty Bay, I was healed by the town's local witch doctor. It removed my red eyes of blood lust but the Scourge bite had left my skin a deathly green color and the effects stopped me from aging, too bad it wasn't before I went full white hair :p.
I recovered in Ratchet for awhile, sailing with the goblins and eventually becoming captain of my own merchant/smuggling ship.
When word caught my ears that Thrall had become Warchief of the New Horde, I had to see it for myself.
I instantly pledged my ship and service to the Warchief of the New Horde upon my arrival to Orgrimmar and the rest of the tales will half to be told another time.
I am now Strongbad, parts unknown.

Our most recent task by Thrall has already been told in a tale of great detail. Click here to read it.

Strongbad's Current Flag Ship - Heedless - Ratchet Fleet
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May 15, 2015
Wow, that was...well, A for effort i guess?

I mean, really. No attempt at setting your readers in your character shoes, no preface for your story being told, only a short, quick headsup of a background?

That coupled with your attitude clearly shows that this was all thrown together just to troll people. If you really care about a backstory, send me a pm, and i may help you with a better setting.
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