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Suggestion on making Kronos 4 Different to attract the crowd - level capped phases

Aug 26, 2021
So with the news of Kronos 4 as a fresh server I would like to make suggestions on it that would make it last longer and be more interesting.

Make level caps like Chromiecraft on phases. So add more phases and they are on level caps like 19, 29, 39, 49... This will do many things.

1. This will make WSG and AB more interesting allowing twinking to come back since there will be level caps per phases. People would capitalize on gear of that level cap they are in and make specs that one had never seen before to facilitate their success in level cap twink BGs. I found F2P level 20 cap PvP in retail WoW incredibly fun and farming the items for it was very fun.
2. It will foster and help grow a community due to the level "traffic" that builds up the population in that level cap.
3. WPVP will be a lot more interesting when there aren't max levels camping Redridge and Westfall instead you would have level 29 or 19 Horde trying to camp Westfall met up against similar level Alliance to actually give them a challenge.
4. People will be able to appreciate the lower level content and actually have another perspective on the low level content.
5. Each phase raising the level cap will feel like a mini expansion... WHILE THE GAME REMAINS VANILLA it's absolute win win.
6 Nobody would rush to the end. This would allow all players to play to their heart's content without feeling rushed or left behind
7. There actually was level 49 and 59 BG twinking in classic wow which players did to gather honor and ranks without having to compete with overly geared BWL players in level 60 BGs.
8. The AH economy will actually be favorable with twinked out level cap phases. Items of little value would suddenlyl spring up with more value if they're good for twinks.
9. People can actually enjoy the adventure and journey more so than the end.
10. Altaholics would love this and not feel left behind while making many alts

If done, when you make the server cap at level 60, a new fresh server is made that starts out capped at level 19. Players can choose to reroll in the new fresh server or stick in the level 60 cap to wait for raid phases.
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Apr 28, 2016
This would be an awesome change and make Kronos 4 a great journey.
It would attract a lot of players I'm sure.

I don't see any downsides to this change either.
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