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Alliance <TehBox> NA EST Guild Recruiting for BWL


New Member
May 17, 2018
<TehBox> NA EST Recruiting!

Hello Kronos friends,
<TehBox> hardcore / semi hardcore raiding guild
is currently recruiting members to join our core raid group!

We raid 8pm EST / 2am Server time. Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday
We use DKP!
Recruitment Status:
  • Warrior (Prot): Need 1
  • Warrior (DPS):
  • Priest: Need 2 Dwarf priests
  • Druid: Need 3
  • Rogue:
  • Hunter:
  • Mage:
  • Warlock: Need 2
  • Paladin:
    *** If you don't see your class is needed but interesting in joining feel free to ask us still! ***
*** We are a mature and friendly guild ***
We have a wonderful community that is very helpful to other members and players
Having fun is a must! we chat on discord all day even if we are not in a dungeon together.
We take guild progression seriously to the point we use potions and consumable.
Many of us love to PvP/wPvP and will be doing pre-made BG's as well
If this sounds like a guild you're interested in please hit me up in game or post below :)
TehBox Guild Master
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