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New The Ban Hammer

Jul 22, 2019
This is Urallsheep, that doofus warrior on K1. I have the world's dumbest situation here. I submit a GM ticket about an issue caused by server lag, that resulted in the loss of an item, due to vendoring junk. This was the aegis of the Blood God. So naturally I submitted a ticket asking if I could receive assistance, Versaii responded saying I needed to message Flash on discord, so I did, saying pretty much the same thing, just including the fact I was sent to him. Days later, no response, instead they banned me from kronos discord.
If this is some kind of joke, it's not funny, it's stupidly unprofessional.
Maybe this is what I deserve for giving these guys 28 euro's...


Head Kronos GameMaster & Lead Tester
Jul 15, 2018

I do not see a ban on your account so you shouldn't be having any issues joining our discord channel. The reason to why you never received a reply from me is because did not notice your private message until now, that is because I am receiving a fair amount of private messages on a daily basis. If you really want my attention then I would recommend that you join Kronos discord and submit a discord ticket for this particular issue, don't forget to follow the instructions.

Regards, Flash.
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