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    TwinStar team

The continued rise of Kronos


Team Veteran
Jan 13, 2009
The continued rise of Kronos

We don’t normally update you in the middle of the week but we simply could not wait to let our players know about some of the great strides forward that the server has been making of late. While we are proud of these achievements, we have no plans to slow down and will continue to press on with improving the server and your experience ingame.

Population Grows

After the initial hype of Kronos had begun to subdue, many were concerned that the population would naturally begin to curtail off, never to return. We are delighted to let you know that this has not been the case. Over the the course of the last week we have seen some 300 new players join our server, pushing our population back up towards 1,500 at peak times.

This is a fantastic foundation for Kronos to build on and we ask that you continue to support our efforts to get the word of the server out there. This could be as small as taking part in a discussion involving us on Reddit or as big as bringing your friends to the server, to allow them to enjoy all that we have to offer.

Kronos Gets Social

There are, of course, more ways to support the server than to make a donation for one of our cosmetic gifts and we value anything that you are willing to bring to the project. To show you that this is the case, we have introduced a new system that will allow you to earn “Stars” to purchase such vanity items — without reaching for your wallet.

All that we would ask from you is a simple Facebook share on content that we have marked as eligible for a reward. This will only happen periodically, when we have something that we really want to shout about but will help the server to continue to grow immensely. You can find more information about this new system and how you can earn your “Stars” here.

… and more stable!

We have also recently surpassed our previous uptime record, with the server staying online for 3 consecutive days, without disruption to your play. This has come as a result of the extensive efforts of the development team and the server administrators, which has also resulted in the server now running “3 times faster” due to the improved efficiency. While the improvements may not be hugely noticeable to you (as a player) right now, it will be a lot more evident as the server begins to be put under more stress as the project moves forward.

Character Auctions

We have seen more and more players taking advantage of our character auctions of late, as they look to switch factions or trade their characters for whatever reason. Of course, we have also seen some people taking advantage of it as a way to generate “Stars” to purchase vanity pets and mounts — Leveling alts with the intention of selling them on for the Twinstar currency to later purchase their desired item. However you choose to use it, we are please to see that people are beginning to understand the system and use it in new and creative ways.

With Kronos now taking such great strides and continuing to gain traction, we are confident that we will be able to establish ourselves as the vanilla server of choice for the player that wants a quality experience.

The Kronos Team



Nov 21, 2014
Nice update, although a couple doubts have arisen:

- The early release of Silithus.
During retail vanilla, Silithus would be opened just before the beginning of the War Effort (patch 1.8.0, when the Dragons of Nightmare appeared too) leading up to the launch of Ahn'Qiraj. On Kronos, it's released even before BWL. I don't know if the quest chain to obtain better gear than BWL tier is available, yet if that was the case it would be a serious diversion from the blizzlike content release the realm should adhere to. Why this?

- The Alterac Valley version.
It's been announced that AV will come at the beginning of the next month (July). The most up-do-date information we have about it concerns its version being the 1.8.0 one. This is a critical aspect, as pretty much every vanilla enthusiast is fond of the pre-nerf version (patch 1.7.0), where battles could last for hours, NPCs were significantly harder and the map was larger. The newer vanilla version was reduced to a zerg rush for the enemy general. This is currently being discussed here, and this is the related ongoing poll; it would be nice to hear the devs' opinion and having them participate in it. I might add, following the community outcry the pre-nerf version of AV was successfully implemented on another private project which doesn't even get close to the quality of TwinStar; hence I believe it would be no big deal for the Kronos team to do the same and grant all vanilla lovers the AV version their memories are truly tied to.

Thanks and keep up the great work!
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