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The four enhancements

Dec 29, 2015
Familiarization with main characters:

Pregnar Pregnar.jpg a very long and muscle orc with dark green colored skin and dark violet, long hair. He have very huge and strong arms, and he is very skilled with axes. He is also very good blacksmith,like his father. He is quite tongue-tied, but he have a kind heart.

Mokvar Mokvar.jpg He is very strong too, but he is a little silly and careless, so he often get group into a trouble. His specialization is two-handed maces and lightning spells

shaman, as it should be. He isn't very good with weapons, his only weapon is dagger and shield for defense, but he is very good in healing and also in elemental magic. He is very balanced orc, but he have a bad mood very often

Tarkan Tarkan.jpg
the most strangest part of group. He don't use any weapons, but anybody can't know why. His only specialization is a lockpicking and he often make jokes of Pregnar, so he don't like him. He is very verbose and other teammates are often upset of him.


Long time ago, in the small orc village named Razor hill, there was a young orc named Pregnar, who has a strange power, he can speak with death orc ghost's, so the elder of village promote him to village shaman. He especially have specialization in the nature powers, he can lash lightnings from his huge cleaver and from his huge hands. In his 38 years, he decided to make the walk to Orgrimmar, the prime city of Durotar, to meet the Warchief, thrall. Pregnar had a dream - become a thrall homeguard. Thrall was very interested with him, so he call other three shamans and give him a special trial - They must create a group, named The four enhancements. This trial have only one target - destroying Ragnaros and keep the world in balance. So pregnar, with his three new spare partners - Mokvar, Dragnar and Tarkan create a fellowship and at the moment, their adventure begins.

Episode 1:

First of all, they must getting some weapons. "I'm very strong orc, so i would like to choose a very heavy weapon of mass destruction, like cleaver or smasher", said Pregnar. Mokvar, the son of Mokvarin, says: "hmm, very good choice, but i'm heavily strong too, so i would like to choose the fight club". Other two orcs still thinking about it, meanwhile Pregnar went to his city of born, razor hill, because he would like to say goodbye to his family. Mokvar don't had a family, because his father died on hearth attack and his mother was be eaten by crocolisks. They had meeting before the Orgrimmar gate. Draktar brought a shield and small dagger with him, and Tarkan don't had any weapons. "you dont have weapon, why?", said Pregnar. "i'm master in fighting with my hands, so i don't need any weapons", told tarkan to him. Pregnar is very excited, when he listen this, but he trusted to this young, very muscle orc.Except weapons, they were need some food and drink too, but they hadn't money, so they were decide to rob the boar farm. Before their yourney, they first divided their power to roles. Pregnar had a massive strengh, so he had a big cleaver. Mokvar was a very strengh too, so they have a might smasher. Draktar didn't have too much strengh, but he was a specialist in healing, so he had only a dagger with wooden shield. The last of fellowship, Tarkan, don't have weapons and he didn't say anything about his power. He is very strange orc, but other three trust him, maybe his true power might be unleashed at the right moment.

the boar farm robbery: foto 1.jpg
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