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[MC] Molten Core <The Government> hosted pug MOLTEN CORE server night from Thursday to Friday


Apr 25, 2016
Hey gents. We still have up to 10 more spots in our Molten Core pug this week.

PST Thursday 7:30 PM
Server time Friday 4:30 AM

We roll for stuff and only crafting mats, recipes and orange stuff is reserved. Since we pull over a lot of resources from our main raid, you can expect a quick and clean run with all bosses down.

Here are our stats so far:
http://realmplayers.com/RaidStats/InstanceList.aspx?realm=KR2&Guild=The Government

To sign up and get a chance for the best loot in the game, sign up filling out this form. Please understand that certain classes might have it more difficult to get an invite.

Here is the form:

See you in 4 days!
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